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Khadamat-e Aetla'at-e Dawlati ( Pashto/ Persian 'خدمات اطلاعات دولتی') translates directly to English as: "State Intelligence Agency". However, this phrase is more precisely translated as "State Information Services". Khadamat-e Aetela'at-e Dawlati, almost always known by its acronym KHAD (or KhAD), is the main security agency and intelligence agency of Afghanistan, and also served as the secret police during the Soviet occupation. The successor to AGSA (Department for Safeguarding the Interests of Afghanistan) and KAM, KHAD was nominally part of the Afghan state, but it was firmly under the control of the Soviet KGB until 1989. In January 1986 its status was upgraded and it was thereafter officially known as the "Ministry of State Security" (Wizarat-i Amaniyyat-i Dawlati, or WAD).

After the December 1979 Soviet invasion, KAM was renamed and came under the control of the KGB. This was an agency specifically created for the suppression of the Democratic Republic's internal opponents. However, KHAD has continued to operate after the fall of the Soviet backed government in 1992 and acted as the intelligence arm of the United Front or "Northern Alliance" during the civil war in Afghanistan (1992-1996).


KHAD (104.5 FM) is an American radio station licensed to serve the community of Upton, Wyoming. The station, established in 2009, is currently owned by The Casper Radio Group, Inc.

KHAD (disambiguation)

KHAD could refer to:

  • KHAD, the main security agency and intelligence agency of Afghanistan
  • KHAD (FM), a radio station (104.5 FM) in Upton, Wyoming, United States
  • Harford Field, the airport in Capser, Wyoming, United States, assigned ICAO code KAHD
  • KQQZ, a radio station in University City, Missouri, United States, known as KHAD from 1968 to 2000
  • KZQL, a radio station in Mills, Wyoming, United States, known as KHAD from 2005 to 2009
  • Khad, the traditional name of Phi Orionis

Usage examples of "khad".

Listen well, for it is Khad Tambur who speaks through me, Khad Tambur who is the Scourge of the World and Shaker of the Universe.

If you, Sir Blade, defeat his champion the Khad promises to depart this place and never return.

Rumor had it that the Khad and his infamous and lovely sister did not get along well.

If one knew how to do it, and cared, you could learn that the Khad was mad for a certain type of melon which he preserved in snow brought down from the high mountains at great cost of life.

Before this tent, on a high throne and surrounded by banners, sat a crooked figure that Blade knew must be the Khad Tambur, Shaker of the Universe.

He was less than a hundred yards from the throne where Khad Tambur sat, surrounded by his banners and his guard, glowering over the plain at his dead champion.

There was a chance, if he displayed enough contempt, enough confidence and courage, that he could browbeat the Khad into keeping his bargain.

Blade was thinking fast now, and he had heard that the Khad was a greedy man.

And now that you have lost, after having won and thrown the victory away, the Khad has released Sadda from her tent and they are friends again and tonight that will be celebrated.

Sir Blade, if a brave one, and now the Khad must put a good face on it.

The Khad gave leave that they might guard you, instead of his own men, which is a reason to believe that you may live a time yet, Sir Blade.

Captain of all the Mongs and high servant to Khad Tambur, Scourge of the World and Shaker of the Universe.

You are wanted in audience, stranger, by the Khad and his sister, the Most Magnificent Sadda.

The Khad, thin and narrow shouldered, was bent forward at an absurd and painful angle.

It was the great wall that baffled them, and against the wall the Khad sent them daily to die by the hundreds.