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Khabarovsk (; ) is the largest city and the administrative center of Khabarovsk Krai, Russia, located from the Chinese border, at the confluence of the Amur and Ussuri Rivers, about north of Vladivostok. The city also became the administrative center of the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia in 2002. It is the second largest city in the Russian Far East, after Vladivostok. As of the 2010 Census, its population was 577,441.

Khabarovsk (disambiguation)

Khabarovsk is a city in Russia.

Khabarovsk may also refer to:

  • Khabarovsk Krai, a federal subject of Russia
  • Khabarovsk Bridge, a bridge across the Amur River in Russia
  • Khabarovsk Urban Okrug, a municipal formation which the city of krai significance of Khabarovsk in Khabarovsk Krai, Russia is incorporated as

Usage examples of "khabarovsk".

Now that we have let Ossipov return to the safety of his hide-out in Khabarovsk, six thousand miles away!

Had the Khabarovsk Office discovered something, so that they had to be silenced ?

Kapustin had agreed that the action of the Separatist Movement in Khabarovsk was unexpected, even suspicious.

The official story of the explosions in Khabarovsk was to lay the blame where it had been claimed by telephone - the Separatists.

KGB office in Khabarovsk was a ragged hole in the grey facades along Komsomolskaya Square.

Ivanov Charter Company, which rented hangar-space at Khabarovsk Airport, nine kilometres outside the town.

MIL helicopter was an old one, a cramped cabin with canvas seats up front and a dark hole behind for storage space when the helicopter was used by Ivanov himself rather than the Khabarovsk KGB.

MIL lifted away from the airport, and Khabarovsk was spread beneath them and away to the south.

Yes, that was their present position - Khabarovsk more or less south-east, more than twenty miles, he thought.

It meant getting to Khabarovsk, at least to the eastern outskirts, soon after dark.

He could not attempt to board a plane hi Khabarovsk - the airport was outside the town, but it would be patrolled by now, or soon, anyway.

They were dying, and prepared to die, for the same fiction that had killed the KGB team in Khabarovsk - the Separatists.

He had skirted Khabarovsk as best he could, keeping to the east of the town, but eventually, after three hours, he had had to join one of the main roads, which would take him through the outer suburbs to cross the river.

In the distance, Vorontsyev could see the olive-green and drab brown vehicles and knots of men that signified the military presence at Khabarovsk Airport.

The Moscow flight from Vladivostok had landed at Khabarovsk, a scheduled stop of twenty minutes, less than an hour after taking off.