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Kha (Cyrillic)

Kha or Ha (Х х; italics: Х х) is a letter of the Cyrillic script. It looks the same as the Latin letter X (X x X x), in both uppercase and lowercase, both roman and italic forms, and was derived from the Greek letter Chi, which also bears a resemblance to both the Latin X and Kha.

It commonly represents the voiceless velar fricative , similar to the pronunciation of in "loch'''".

Kha is usually romanized as when romanizing East Slavic languages and romanized as when romanizing South Slavic languages.


Kha may refer to:

  • Kha (Cyrillic), a letter of the Cyrillic script
  • Ḫāʾ, a letter of the Arabic alphabet
  • Kha (Indic), the second consonant of Indic abugidas
  • Kha, ancient Egyptian foreman, see TT8 (Theban Tomb 8)
  • Kha, Afghanistan; see List of places in Afghanistan
  • Kha, Paletwa, a place in Paletwa Township, Myanmar
  • KHA, the ICAO airline designator for Kitty Hawk Aircargo
Kha (Indic)

Kha is the second consonant of Indic abugidas. In modern Indic scripts, kha is derived from the Brahmi letter , which is probably derived from the Aramaic ("Q").

Kha (Bengali)

The Bengali letter is derived from the Siddhaṃ , and is marked by the lack of a horizontal head line, unlike its Devanagari counterpart, . The inherent vowel of Bengali consonant letters is /ɔ/, so the bare letter will sometimes be transliterated as "kho" instead of "kha". Adding okar, the "o" vowel mark, , gives a reading of /kho/.

Like all Indic consonants, can be modified by marks to indicate another (or no) vowel than its inherent "a".

Usage examples of "kha".

Bridging and amphib tank operations last night at Mirpur Khas, here, and Khewari, up here, appear to have been completely successful in establishing bridgeheads across the river and canal barriers along the edge of the desert.