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KH may refer to:

  • Cambodia (Kampuchea, Kampocha, Kamboja) ISO 3166-2 alpha code
    • .kh, the Internet country code top-level domain for Cambodia
  • Kelvin–HelCambodians 45nstability, a phenomenon of fluid mechanics
  • Key Hole (KH) series of imaging satellites used by various United States agencies
  • Kh (digraph), in English transliteration from numerous foreign languages, usually represents , but sometimes
  • KH (hardness), a measure of the hardness of water (calcium carbonate concentration)
  • KH Engineering, an international engineering company and EPC contractor. Head office in Schiedam, The Netherlands
  • Kh factor, a constant used in electrical metering which corresponds
  • Khornerstone, a computer benchmark
  • Kingdom Hearts, a Disney and Square Enix video game series
    • Kingdom Hearts (video game) — the first game in the kingdom hearts series by Disney and Square Enix
  • Potassium hydride, chemical formula KH
  • A knight of the Royal Guelphic Order (KH)
  • Kurepa hypothesis in mathematical set theory
  • An abbreviation for Khouria

Code used on vehicle registration plates:

  • Kyustendil, Bulgaria
  • Kutná Hora District, Czech Republic
  • Bad Kreuznach, Germany
  • Borehamwood, Great Britain
  • Evrytania, Greece

K may refer to:

  • Henry's Law constant
Kh (tramcar)

Kh () was the class of double axled high-floor tramcars, which were built in Soviet Union in interbellum period. First vehicles were built in 1927 and delivered to Kharkov, Ukraine. First letter of city name, Cyrillic Х (usually transliterated as Kh), was selected as a designation of whole series. After Kharkiv, tramcars of this type were supplied to many Soviet cities and became most numerous in the fleets of many municipalities. In 1941, after the onset of Operation Barbarossa, their production was stopped for maximizing war efforts. The Kh-class tramcars were finally withdrawn from the city service in the mid-1960s as morally obsolete vehicles, their sturdy construction allowed them to be used much more. The small number of survived cars are preserved for museum purposes in Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Saratov and few other cities.

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