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n. (plural of kettle English)


Kettles or Kettle's may refer to:

  • The Kettles, a chain of four small alpine glacial lakes in Custer County, Idaho
  • Hell Kettles, a spring-fed body of water in County Durham, England.
  • Kettles-de-Berry Ecological Reserve, ecological reserve in Quebec, Canada
  • The Kettles; See Ma and Pa Kettle
    • The Kettles in the Ozarks, a 1956 American comedy film
    • The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm, a 1957 American comedy film
  • Two Kettles, a subdivision of the Lakota Sioux tribe
  • Kettle's Yard, art gallery and house in Cambridge, England
  • Kettle Foods, Oregon-based snack manufacturer

Usage examples of "kettles".

Somewhere up the river, in Tradeford, she would be making pastry dough now, or perhaps pricking a roast full of spices before putting it in one of her heavy black kettles and covering it well, to let it slow cook in the coals all night.

Longwick came first with the kettles, and then Dutiful with the containers of varying sizes.

Six containers, everything from flasks to saltboxes, were filled with his explosive powder and resting in kettles or pots.

In the corner of the fireplace were two kettles, covered with rust, and an overthrown pot.

They scooped snow and melted it in their pots and kettles, and in the boiling water they threw whatever grain and seeds, roots, bark, and meat scraps they had.

The brazier tipped, kettles swayed, then toppled, and gallons of hot oil spilled into the holocaust with a roar.

Coals, ashes, kettles, oil, and bodies plunged through the flaming hole, and as they went down, the updraft through the tower intensified to a pulsing roar.

Here the white-face traders were surrounded by husbands and wives who were trading beaver pelts and tanned bison and antelope hides for awls and needles, mirrors and fire strikers, kettles and tin cups and guns.

Elysium, fowls, fish, two wine-bottles, three wine-cups, and two sorts of kettles for warming wine.

Then two handmaids, who act as wine-pourers, bring the kettles and place them in the lower part of the room.

Then I heard a sound of hissing like four big kettles boiling all at once, and a little bleat from the goat.

It would still do service when she was making creams and stirring her soap kettles and needed something old and worn to wear.

The Hendricks house was far enough from its neighbors she felt she could set up soap kettles out back without being overly offensive.