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Trembling, Keth forced himself outside, to the well, and drank some water.

When he entered the house, built like other Tharian homes around a central courtyard, Keth was surprised to find it so quiet.

Today Keth found three of the girls seated on one of the staircases, and no sign of their landlady or the two men who lived there.

They spoke of glass as Keth and his friends did: a substance to which they did things, not a living being.

As much as it pained him, Keth finally admitted the redhead was right.

After the questions, Keth was interviewed and tested by three student mages.

One of them gave Keth a glass ball to hold as the student gazed into it.

After a few words from the student, the clerk made a note on the paper of information about Keth, then led Keth to the next student.

After the third student, the clerk sent Keth off to eat his midday meal, with instructions to return in the afternoon.

It had been in the back of her mind since Niko had shown her the lightning in Chime, that Keth would have trouble finding a teacher who could help with that aspect of his power.

First they had gone to the Fifth District Forum, where Keth saw the reality of the image inside the glass ball.

Unlike the first time Dema shielded them, on their approach to the Forum, neither Keth nor Tris protested.

Then he pulled a stool over to the barrier that sheathed Keth and sat on it.

If Keth was to catch the Ghost, a cure for that fear should come sooner, rather than later.

Leaving Chime and the tea tray, she went upstairs to see if Keth was out of bed.