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Etymology 1 n. (context Sikhism English) The practice of allowing one's hair to grow naturally, one of the five Ks. Etymology 2

n. (cx historical English) A basket of branches and stones placed underwater as the base of a causeway.


Kesh may refer to:

  • Kesh (Sumer), an ancient Sumerian city and religious center
  • Kesh, the former name of Shahrisabz, Uzbekistan
  • Keş, Azerbaijan
  • Kesh, County Fermanagh, a small village in Northern Ireland
  • Kesh Recordings, record label run by British musician and sound artist Simon Scott
  • Maze (HM Prison), a prison in Northern Ireland sometimes called "Long Kesh"
  • Kesh (Sikhism), a practice of not cutting hair in Sikhism
  • Kesh, a fictional human culture and language in Ursula K. Le Guin's novel Always Coming Home
  • The Empire of Great Kesh, a nation of the world of Midkemia, in books written by Raymond Feist
  • KESH, the electricity supplier of Albania
  • Kesh (designer), an English artist
  • Keshi, specifically those not marketed in Japan.
Kesh (Sikhism)

In Sikhism, Kesh (sometimes Kes) is the practice of allowing one's hair to grow naturally as a symbol of respect for the perfection of God's creation. The practice is one of the Five Ks, the outward symbols ordered by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 as a means to profess the Sikh faith. The hair is combed twice daily with a Kanga, another of the Five Ks, and tied into a simple knot known as a Joora or Rishi knot. This knot of hair is usually held in place with the Kanga and covered by a turban.

Kesh (Sumer)

Kesh was an ancient Sumerian city and religious site, whose patron goddess was Ninhursag. Its location is uncertain; some of the possible sites put forth include Al-Ubaid, near Ur, or Tell al-Wilayah near Adab or Abu Salabikh. Robert D. Biggs suggested it could have just been a variation in the spelling of Kish.

There is a famous Kesh temple hymn about Ninhursag's temple in Kesh, where she is called Nintud. The goddess Nisaba appears as the temple's caretaker and decision maker.

Kesh (designer)

Kesshia "Kesh" Kumari is an English artist based in Los Angeles.

Usage examples of "kesh".

Nicholas, son of my brother, Arutha, and his companions, Harry of Ludland, Nakor the Isalani, and Ghuda Bule from Kesh.

He turned and caught sight of himself in a large mirror, a luxury of immense value, as it was fashioned from silvered glass imported from Kesh.

Your Highness, His Excellency, Lord Toren Sie, Ambassador from the royal court of Great Kesh.

Kesh is a pluralistic nation, with a very different history than your own Kingdom.

Kesh is a pluralistic nation, with a history very different from your own Kingdom.

He travels to Malacs Cross regularly to play against the best in the Kingdom at the Queens Row Tavern and has played against nobles in Krondor and Great Kesh!

It seemed very sudden to some of the people of the Eye, but Kesh had been watching the pool for some time, and it seemed to her much muddier than usual, as if someone were stealing drink from itwhich no one would dare: there was never enough to have all that you wanted, and stealing the water was punishable by beating or death.

Old King Halfdan, ruler of the dwarves of the East in Dorgin, sent his best wishes, and even Great Kesh had sent greetings, with a request for more meetings to settle peacefully the issue of the Vale of Dreams.

Still, I want our new intelligence service looking for clues as to the whereabouts of remaining Nighthawks as well as any agents for Kesh, Queg, or anyone else, for that matter.

Kesh must have hit the garrison at Shamata with an expeditionary force of dog soldiers.

Rumor had it Guy would also send the garrison at Shamata to the front once the fighting with Kesh had been settled, leaving every garrison in the Principality manned by soldiers loyal to Bas-Tyra.

And though of Bosania from birth, those soldiers still were loyal to Great Kesh in their service.

Empire of Great Kesh was again fighting far to the south seeking to subdue their former vassals in the Confederacy once more.

It is my great honour to present Prince Awari, son of She Who Is Kesh.

Your Royal Majesty, I have the signal honor to present His Excellency Abdur Rachman Memo Hazara-Khan, Bey of the Benni-Sherin, Lord of the Jal-Pur, and Prince of the Empire, Ambassador of Great Kesh to the Kingdom of the Isles.