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Keren may refer to:

  • Keren, the youngest daughter of Job (biblical figure)
  • Keren, Eritrea, a city in Eritrea; formerly Cheren
  • Keren District, a district in the Anseba region of Eritrea
  • Keren, Iran (كرن), a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran
  • Keren (kabuki) (ケレン), Kabuki stagecraft
  • Keren Kayemet, the Jewish National Fund
  • The Battle of Keren of World War II
  • Keren, a composition for solo trombone by Greek composer Iannis Xenakis

Keren (קרן) is the first name of:

  • Keren Ann, a singer-songwriter based in Paris
  • Keren DeBerg, an American singer-songwriter
  • Keren Leibovitch, an Israeli champion Paralympic swimmer
  • Keren Peles, an Israeli singer-songwriter and a pianist
  • Keren Rice, a Canadian Linguist
  • Keren Woodward, an English pop singer and songwriter
Keren (kabuki)

are stagecraft tricks used in Japanese kabuki theater, making use of trapdoors, revolving stages, and other equipment.

Often translated as "playing to the gallery," many drama enthusiasts consider these sorts of adaptations to be demeaning to the art of kabuki. According to one scholar, "Rapid 'trick' appearances and disappearances of the actor are relatively few and are held in low esteem by the Kabuki connoisseur, who refers to them as keren (playing to the gallery)".