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KERA (90.1 FM) is a National Public Radio affiliate station for North Texas. Based in Dallas, the station's main transmitter is located in Cedar Hill, Texas with translators that serve Tyler (K261CW, 100.1 FM), the Sherman/ Denison area (K257EV, 99.3 FM), and Wichita Falls (K202DR, 88.3 FM). It was also rebroadcast on the Public, educational, and government access (PEG) cable tv channel, Irving Community Television Network during its off-air times prior to 2009.

The station was established on July 11, 1974. The station's call letters, which are said to represent a "new era in broadcasting," are shared with Dallas public television station KERA-TV channel 13; both are owned by North Texas Public Broadcasting Inc., a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Texas. While there is cross-promotion between stations, each operates its own pledge drives.


Kera or KERA may refer to:

Usage examples of "kera".

A beam-letter meant either a note from her brother Richard or a letter from Learned Doctor Jin Del yo' Kera, of the University of Liad, Solcintra.

And as he looked ahead without enthusiasm to a protracted wait here at the edge of Sigma 1212’s violent veil of space storms, he regretted not being able to while away the idle hours getting to know Kera more intimately.

Once inside, Kon panned around with the light beam while Kera turned her sensor toward all nooks and corners.

Kon glared at them while Kera continued her thorough reconnaissance of the shuttle cabin.