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Ker may refer to:

Ker (surname)

Ker is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Allan Ebenezer Ker (1883–1958), Scottish army officer and recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Ker Chien-ming (1951–), Taiwanese politician
  • Crawford Ker (1962–), American football player
  • David Ker (1758–1805), Scottish-Irish-American first residing professor of the University of North Carolina
  • George Ker (fl. 1870s and 1880s), Scottish footballer
  • Humphrey Ker (1982–), British actor, writer and comedian
  • John Ker (disambiguation)
  • Lucas Arnold Ker (1974–), Argentinian tennis player
  • Neil Ripley Ker (1908–1982), scholar of Anglo-Saxon literature
  • Richard Ker (1822–1890), British politician
  • Robert Ker (disambiguation)
  • William Ker (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "ker".

The job killed most potential friendships, and she was convinced she had about as much in common with the pretty, polished Keri Lewis as she did with Laura Bush.

Then one weekend she found Keri struggling to get an old, heavy armchair down the stairs, and gave her a hand with it.

When she met Keri in the stairwell, she invited her inside to celebrate the disaster.

The sienna suede jacket, pencil-legged faded denims, and white tank top were too severe for her cameo looks, but as Keri put it, she preferred leather over lace.

He got away with what he did to me because that scene with Keri had everyone on the force thinking I was a gay woman with an ax to grind.

Sim slowed more, and Keri kept shoving his shield too far to one side.

She took several minor cuts before killing her first opponent, and was just in time to help Keri with the one who had shattered his shield.

Paks got a new shield, as did Keri, and Volya had snapped a sword tip against a wall.

I feel really strange, because Keri is one of those people who are kind of larger than life, you know?

Daniel and Keri lie clasped together like lovers beneath the fallen bricks.

And Keri is touching his face and nobody is going to doubt how much she loves him.

She wound up sitting next to a small boy named Keri who was obviously a great fan of First Generation tales.

Sariana reluctantly bought two tickets and followed Keri through the mirrored doors.

Not only was there no answer from Keri, there was no longer a sense of anyone else being present either.

As he unzipped his pants, he knew that his frustrating breakup with Keri proved one thing.