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Kep (town)

Krong Kep is the capital of Kep province in southern Cambodia. It lies near the Kep National Park.

The town has a population of 35,990. In Krong Kep many villagers are in the fishery business, as with other towns and villages in the Gulf of Thailand.

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Kep or KEP may refer to:

Usage examples of "kep".

Pewts father opened the window agen and pluged a club out into the yard and holered scat and then we kep still and we herd him tell Nat Weeks that he had got his gun loded and if he herd it go of he needent be sirprized.

He seyde he lovede, and was biloved no thyng, Of swich matere made he manye layes, Songes, compleintes, roundels, virelayes, How that he dorste nat his sorwe telle, But langwissheth, as a furye dooth in helle, And dye he moste, he seyde, as dide Ekko For Narcisus, that dorste nat telle hir wo, In oother manere than ye heere me seye, Ne dorste he nat to hir his wo biwreye, Save that paraventure som tyme at daunces, Ther yonge folk kepen hir observaunces, It may wel be he looked on hir face, In swich a wise as man that asketh grace.

I signed mysef up an it was pretty easy to win on account of the only other guy that was any good had got his fingers blowed off in the war an kep droppin his paddle.

I kep a broom propped in the hall with the dustpan poked onto the end of the handle ever since she had her first hissy over the dust bunnies.

He hath also to do moore than ynough To kepen hym and his capul out of slough, And if he falle from his capul eftsoone, Thanne shal we alle have ynogh to doone In liftyng up his hevy dronken cors.

He did chores for any number of the summer people and caretook two houses (I hope the people who hired him to do that kep a good inventory of their possessions).

They all told me no, accourse, and every one of em wanted to hear all the gory details, but the only one I said anything to was Tommy Anderson―prob'ly because I knew Joe'd bragged to Tommy before about how he kep his woman in line, and poor simple Tommy'd swallowed it.

I know you've kep a smile on your face when it must have hurt like a grassfire in your heart.

But when Old Orlick come for to hear that your uncle Provis had mostlike wore the leg-iron wot Old Orlick had picked up, filed asunder, on these meshes ever so many year ago, and wot he kep by him till he dropped your sister with it, like a bullock, as he means to drop you – hey?