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Kenin is a Washington, DC based- rock band. They have toured throughout the east coast, and have often performed with bands from the Boston area including Tim Blane and State Radio. Kenin formed in 2000 at Duke University and later re-located to Washington, DC. They release their albums through the independent, digital-focused label Holster Records, which they co-founded in 2004 with a New York-based business partner. Their most recent album, In (Places), was produced and mixed by the Virginia-based production duo of Chris Keup and Stewart Meyers, whose previous projects include Jason Mraz, Rachael Yamagata, and Johnathan Rice.

Kenin (Japanese history)

was the third of the five lower castes of the Japanese ritsuryō system. A privately owned servant, a kenin had a better social status than a slave , could be inherited but not sold, could participate to the life of the family and have one of his own.

The term can also be synonymous with gokenin. The gokenin were vassals of the shogun during the Kamakura, Ashikaga, and Tokugawa shogunates. The meaning of the term evolved in time, so its exact meaning changes with the historical period.