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Kem may refer to:

  • Kem, alternative name of Cham-e Mahavi, a village in Khuzestan Province, Iran
  • Kem, Russia, a town in the Republic of Karelia, Russia
  • Kem, Uganda, a place in Uganda
  • Kem (crater), a crater on Mars
  • King Edward Mine, a mine in Cornwall, United Kingdom
  • Kem River, a river in Russia
  • KEM, IATA airport code for Kemi-Tornio Airport in Finland
  • Kem, standard abbreviation of Kemi railway station, Finland
  • Kem (singer), an R&B musician
  • Keller-Elektro-Mechanik (KEM), a German-made brand of flatbed editor for editing and viewing motion picture film and magnetic soundtracks
  • Kem Playing Cards, a maker of plastic player cards acquired in 2004 by United States Playing Card Company
  • Key encapsulation mechanism, an encryption technique to secure symmetric cryptographic keys for transmission using asymmetric (public-key) algorithms
Kem (singer)

Kim Owens (born July 23, 1969), better known by his stage name Kem is an American R&B/ Soul singer– songwriter, and producer. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, KEM was raised in Detroit, Michigan.

Usage examples of "kem".

Giles could tell him to mind his own business, Kem approached, holding out a tape measure.

He and Kem had shared a pint of scalloped oysters in a tavern just a tad too far inland, with the predictably unpleasant results.

Afterward, Kem and I found your footman and had an honest exchange of views.

I guarantee Kem will have Higgins on his knees in the shrubbery by luncheon.

On the doublechair to the right of the instrument, Miri and Kem had their heads together over a book.

A little time later Zhena Trelu excused herself with a yawn and went upstairs to her bedroom, waving aside an offer of an escort from Kem and Meri.

Hakan to an awareness of the hour, and he and Kem bundled themselves together, eliciting promises from their new friends to come to supper on Marin evening and making arrangements for Hakan to pick them up.

Con and Miri said good night to Hakan quietly, careful not to wake Kem, who was asleep against his shoulder.

Hakan smiled at Kem, tightening his grip on her hand as Miri continued.

Then he stood with a huge smile, opening his arms and hugging Kem, right there in front of everyone.

She thought about how many other species the imperial Foitani must have destroyed, about the calm way Solut Mek Kem remarked that humanity was on their list.

Solut Mek Kem, than to try to fight off every starship from every Foitani world that still knows about spaceflight?

Mek Kem, who personified the problem of the Great Ones, came back onto the screen in front of Pawasar Pawasar Ras.

This time Solut Mek Kem and Voskop W Wurd said the same thing together.

Pawasar Pawasar Ras and Aissur Aissur Rus spoke for the Foitani from Odern, Solut Mek Kem and a colleague named Nogal Ryn Nyr for the Great Ones, and Voskop W Wurd and his chief aide Yulvot L Reat for the Foitani from Rof Golan.