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Kelunairpady is a location in Chokkad, Malappuram district, Kerala, India.

Kelunairpady is one of the best environmental-exotic place in Malappuram district. It is full of mountains, mountain valleys and mountain waterfalls.

The name 'Kelunairpady' was derived from a person named Kelu nair. He was the richest and chief person of that village.

Kelunairpadi is approximately 19 km north of Nilambur town in Ooty Perumbilavu state highway. The village has witnessed lot of historic events like 'Mappila Lahala' or Malabar riots during 1921. Major occupation of people are rubber tapping, farming etc. Lot of Christian farmers migrated to this place in the late 1960s. Pullengode government higher secondary school is the school for almost 2500 students in that village.