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Kel may refer to:

  • Raquel Calderón, Chilean singer and actress
  • Kel, Azad Kashmir, A village in Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
  • Kel Mitchell, American actor and comedian
  • KEL, the IATA airport code for Kiel-Holtenau airport in Germany
  • Kabataş Erkek Lisesi

Usage examples of "kel".

I heard Kel let out a grunt of surprise, and Axel swore loudly and viciously as he got into a better position.

Kel thought of Meech and twisted her ring of bright red yarn, wanting to scream with impatience.

They trotted down as quickly and quietly as Meech had, though a few wept silently: Kel saw the glitter of tears in the faint torchlight.

Sweating, covered with smutches from the dusty catacombs, Kel made her way up to the ground floor again.

When Neal brought Tobe to her room, Kel was just donning the oiled canvas cloak and the broadbrimmed hat she used to keep off the rain.

Once Kel had shed the cloak, Tobe hung it from a peg, then knelt to remove her boots.

Kel used the day to finish supplying Tobe, making sure that what he had fitted properly.

Kel twitched Peachblossom off the road and into the woods, cutting Tobe off.

The rest, including Kel, Neal and Tobe, turned north with fully half of the army that had left Corus.

Still, when Tobe started the next song, about the stag who met the Goddess as Maiden, Kel sang along.

Only Tobe remained with Peachblossom and the packhorse assigned to Kel by the Crown.

When Tobe arrived, Kel turned the clerks over to him and led Numair into her office.

When Kel walked through the gate, she found a small group of young people waiting for her, with Tobe at the fore.

Kel and Tobe, followed by Jump and the sparrows, left headquarters early.

They were in the middle of exercises, Kel with her glaive, Tobe with his spear, when their dog and sparrow audience left them.