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Kekec is a Slovenian book fictional child hero character created by Josip Vandot in 1918.

He is widely recognized as a Slovenian superhero and cultural icon. Kekec is a brave boy, a fearless shepherd from the highlands of his home region, the Karavanke and Julian Alps. He is fighting for justice. It was first published in Zvonček publication in 1918.

Kekec (1951 film)

Kekec is a 1951 Slovene adventures-youth film directed by Jože Gale, based on novel Kekec nad samotnim breznom by Josip Vandot. Film was produced by Triglav Film and distributed by Viba Film.

It has two sequels, a 1963 film Srečno, Kekec (Good Luck, Kekec) and a 1968 film Kekčeve ukane (Kekec's Tricks). The first international award for a Slovenian feature film: a Golden Lion in the Children's Film category at the Venice Film Festival in 1952.