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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Keir \Keir\, n. See Kier.


n. (alternative form of kier English)


KEIR (1260 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a News Talk Information format. Licensed to Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA, the station serves the Pocatello area. The station is currently owned by Riverbend Communications, LLC and features programming from Salem Communications, ABC Radio and Westwood One.

Usage examples of "keir".

Keir grabbed the aiglets and held them tight until they fleshed out into hands once again.

I waited before the fire in the antechamber, anxious for news, wondering what Keir was going to do.

They emerged from the antechamber, bearing the shrouded body, only to dump it before Keir.

Keira was sure there was no such thing as the word bitable, but it described his butt to the maximum.

Finally, in frustration Marcus had me lie on my stomach, and he and Keir held my feet as Gils cleaned them.

It is found wild in France, Switzerland, and Spain, as the Keiri or Wallstock.

The serving lad started forward to hand out mugs of ale and Keir and Othur settled at the table, deep in conversation, Anna kept one arm around my shoulders and pulled me over to the great hearth.

Keir must have thrown a whammy to undo the attraction of the audience, because all three came toward him, asking questions at once.

Gils, Prest, Marcus and Isdra carried Keir, who struggled in their arms.

Keir Renin, the officer in charge of the camp, was a broad-faced man, who seemed to regard his assignment as some sort of punishment.

Keir Renin would be expecting such haughty remarks from a Habber, and Benzi could not resist making them.

Keir grabbed the aiglets and held them tight until they fleshed out into hands once again.

Rawlinson, Nixon, Byng, Rimington, and Keir herded the broken commandos into the trap.

If he could make money into doughnuts, maybe he could make something more difficult, change his perception, as Keir had said.

Chuck began, as he sat down, but Keir plopped a huge leatherbound book into his hands.