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n. (alternative spelling of kif English)

Usage examples of "keef".

He led Keefer to the aneroid barometer affixed to the rear of the pilothouse.

Moving slowly, feeling his muscles unknot, Keefer stripped out of his jumpsuit, turned up the space heater, and sponged off with an everdamp pad.

It was the first of September when Willie and Keefer staggered into the BOQ at four in the morning, full of hog meat and whisky which they had consumed at a hilarious luau arranged by the nurses.

NYC and moved to Charlotte in 1985, where he writes, teaches martial arts and lives with his artist-wife Schelly Keefer.

Smith, lay up to the radio shack and bring Lieutenant Keefer the Fox sked on the double.

Keefer rose, brushing himself with trembling hands, his unhelmeted hair hanging in his eyes.

Around the Bordj, and before a Cafe Maure built of brown earth and palm-wood, opposite to it, the Arabs who were halting to sleep at Arba on their journeys to and from Beni-Mora were huddled, sipping coffee, playing dominoes by the faint light of an oil lamp, smoking cigarettes and long pipes of keef.

Keefer had turned over to him a set of dog-eared ledgers and the keys to the filing cabinet, and had offhandedly added several handfuls of secret mail which lay on the deck of his closet under shoes and dirty laundry.

Keefer made a terrifying animal scream and charged at his father like a football tackier, hitting him in the right side with his shoulder and driving him back and onto his rear end.

He led Keefer to the aneroid barometer affixed to the rear of the pilot-house.

He stared in rank despair at the edge of the age-old ice over the tomb of Keef.

How the hell could four ignoramuses like you and Keefer and those two others try a not-guilty plea?

Keefer had retired into an isola-tion like Queeg's-except that he worked on his novel instead of solving jigsaw puzzles.

He found the captain, in smart tropical khakis festooned with campaign ribbons, chatting with the nurses and the Keefer brothers.

As the Montauk approached, Willie had a clear look at Roland Keefer through binoculars.