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Keeble is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Brian Keeble, author
  • Charles Keeble, Australian figure skater
  • Chris Keeble, British Army veteran
  • Curtis Keeble, British diplomat
  • Lady Constance Keeble, fictional character by P. G. Wodehouse
  • Edwin Augustus Keeble, 19th century U.S. politician
  • George Keeble (1849–1923), English cricketer
  • Jim Keeble, British author
  • Joe Keeble, American football player
  • John Keeble, British pop musician
  • Marshall Keeble, U.S. preacher
  • Noel Keeble, British World War I flyer
  • Sally Keeble, British Labour politician
  • Samantha Keeble, fictional character from British TV series Eastenders
  • Vic Keeble, English footballer
  • Woodrow W. Keeble, U.S. military veteran and recipient of Medal of Honor

Usage examples of "keeble".

I didn't know the answer to why was I there, but that she needed to ask it, that indeed she had asked it, told me a great deal about non-contact between Keeble and his wife, and opened new doors on to Keeble himself.