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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kee \Kee\ (k[=e]), n. pl. of Cow. [AS. c[=y], pl. of c[=u] cow. See Kine.] See Kie, Ky, and Kine. [Prov. Eng.]


n. (alternative form of kie English)


Kee may refer to:

  • Knowledge Engineering Environment
  • KEE, the IATA code for the Congolese Kelle Airport
  • Kee Games, a former arcade game manufacturer
  • Kinnda, Kinnda Hamid, a Swedish artist and songwriter, also known as Kee
  • Kee, a surname romanized in Hokkien
  • Kee Marcello, a Swedish guitarist

Usage examples of "kee".

Kees van Dongen in fashionable Kensington, of rich old bags with dogs as fur wraps, worn as decorative mortality.

Kees to have a rehearsal of both these symphonies, as they are very delicate, particularly the last movement in D, which I recommend to be given as pianissimo as possible, and the tempo very quick.

Kee, Robert Blum, Thomas Holliday, Rich Legg, Ryan Casey, Frederick Beecher, Craig Meyer, Patrick Messier, Robin Hudson, Dan Kuykendall, The Murphy Loft, Paul Grimard, Jeff McFarland, Patricia Drake, Steven Kolstad, Mike Brady, Brian Pipa, Michael Tichon, James Daniels, Jonathan Wallington, Nick Sagar, Sebastian Dittmann, Joe Jennings, Pekka Oikarainen, Christopher Booth, M.

Zij gaan uit en in, visschen in de zee en keeren vrijwillig terug in de woning van hun verzorger, leeren dezen kennen en volgen hem na als een Hond.

Lei Yue Mun waterfront place, after a ferry crossing from Shau Kee Wan.

A 1926 seizure in Hong Kong led to the arrest of a Chinese trafficker whose cabin, when searched, was found to contain a series of telegraph cables to and from a guy in Kobe called Wai Kee.

Who sow with loving care What other hands shall reap: They lean on Thee entranced, In calm and perfect rest: Give us that Peace, oh Lord, Divine and blest, Thou keepest for those hearts who love Thee best.

Or, Lord, come to our Mansoul, do what thou wilt, so thou keepest us from sinning, and makest us serviceable to thy Majesty.

Kee joins us again with several warm breakfast rolls and the four of us eat in agreeable silence, occasionally brushing crumbs away and sipping our coffee as the sun rises higher behind us, catching the many columns of smoke from campfires and cookstoves.

He was just talking in a matter-of-fact way, but Elder Niece Kee saw dollar signs.

The Kee hui was therefore on very short rations, and Hong Kong sent a form letter to all the Kees studying on the mainland—.

In their acceleration couches/resurrection creches, Father Captain de Soya, Sergeant Gregorius, and Corporal Kee lie dead, their shredded bodies being pulverized a second time because the ship automatically conserves energy by not initializing internal fields until resurrection is well under way.

Thees Wilson keed, I don't letting him in my place unless he's-a got two tens to rub together.

He catches a glimpse of someone above him, swings the rifle, identifies Kee, and the two men kick down the dropshaft headfirst.

Kee, I have entered this plot at the land court and paid taxes on it.