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Keckiella is a genus of plants in the plantain family. It includes several species of plants known commonly as keckiellas. A few species may be called beardtongues or penstemons because some keckiellas once belonged to genus Penstemon. Keckiellas are native to the American southwest, especially California. They bloom in attractive snapdragon-like flowers. Genus Keckiella was named after the American botanist David D. Keck.


  • Keckiella antirrhinoides - snapdragon penstemon, yellow bush snapdragon
  • Keckiella breviflora - bush beardtongue, gaping beardtongue
  • Keckiella cordifolia - heartleaf keckiella, climbing penstemon
  • Keckiella corymbosa - redwood keckiella
  • Keckiella lemmonii - Lemmon's keckiella
  • Keckiella rothrockii - Rothrock's keckiella, Rothrock's penstemon
  • Keckiella ternata - scarlet keckiella