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Usage examples of "keche".

Hidden in the boughs above, six or seven keches pressed their green-colored hides closer to the branches they clung to and were silent.

What they had thought might be prey was certainly something vastly different, and the keches were not so stupid as to stir an inch until the sound of the hoof-falls was no longer heard.

The keches spied him, but the leader saw that this leopard was as large as a lion and unnaturally muscled.

This cry, so filled with hate for foulness and evil as it was, almost brought the keches into battle, but the old female who led them made the others ignore it.

The keches swung on toward the tempting odor that came from the west, and the great leopard picked up its strange burden and was off through the upper highway again.

Gord increased his pace, which he had slackened after meeting the keches, back to a run once more.