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KDE is an international free software community producing free and libre software like Plasma Desktop, KDE Frameworks and many cross-platform applications designed to run on modern Unix-like and Microsoft Windows systems. The Plasma Desktop is a desktop environment provided as the default work environment on many Linux distributions, such as openSUSE, Mageia, Kubuntu, Manjaro Linux and also the default desktop environment on PC-BSD, a BSD operating system.

The goal of the community is to develop free software solutions and applications for the daily needs of an end-user, as well as providing tools and documentation for developers to write such software. In this regard, the resources provided by KDE make it a central development hub and home for many popular applications and projects like Calligra Suite, Krita, digiKam, and many others.

KDE (disambiguation)

KDE may refer to:

  • KDE, an international free software community.
    • KDE e.V., the German foundation behind KDE
    • KDE Plasma 5, a graphical environment by the KDE project
    • KDE Plasma 4, a graphical environment by the KDE project
    • KDE Software Compilation, KDE project desktop environment
  • 4Kids Entertainment, the NYSE stock ticker symbol is KDE.
  • Kernel density estimation