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KCM (singer)

KCM (케이씨엠, born 1982) is a South Korean male singer. KCM are the initials of his Korean name, Kang Chang Mo (강창모). He is known both for his muscular body and for his high-toned voice. Duet wit. (화효비 & J C Kang)

Some of his most popular songs are "Smile again", "The Sun's Tears", "For Eunyung" (은영이에게), and "Black-White Picture" (흑백사진). Also "(Goodbye & One & Only)".


KCM may also stand for:

  • KCM (singer), a South Korean singer
  • KCM, Konkola Copper Mines, a Zambian company
  • KCM, a single task Prolog co-processor with private memory of the 1990s
  • Knowledge Chain Model (KCM), analogous to Value Chain Model
  • Kathmandu College of Management
  • Kosovo Campaign Medal, a U.S. military medal
  • Kenneth Copeland Ministries, a Christian televangelist ministry
  • Kansas City, Missouri, a city in the state of Missouri in the United States
  • King County Metro, a public transit agency serving greater Seattle and King County, Washington, U.S.