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KCAC may refer to:

  • Kansas City Athletic Club, an athletic club in Kansas City, Kansas
  • Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference, a collegiate athletic conference based in Kansas
  • Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex, a convention and athletic center at Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • KCAC (FM), a radio station (89.5 FM) licensed to Camden, Arkansas, United States
  • KCAC (AM), a radio station (1010 AM) in Phoenix, Arizona, 1969-71
  • Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, a caucus within the Israeli Knesset

KCAC (89.5 FM, "KC 89") is a non-commercial educational radio station broadcasting an alternative rock music format. Licensed to Camden, Arkansas, USA, the station is currently owned by Southern Arkansas University – Technical Branch and features programing from Citadel Media.


KCAC (1010 AM) was a radio station in Phoenix, Arizona that began with a rhythm and blues format in 1961, changed to a Spanish-language format in 1966, and then served as that market's first free-form station from 1969 to 1971, when it declared bankruptcy. In its free-form incarnation, it had a major impact on Phoenix's counter culture of that time and its DJs formed the basis of KDKB-FM, which has gone on to be a notable Album Oriented Rock station.