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KBOO is a non-profit organization, listener-funded FM Community radio station broadcasting from Portland, Oregon. The station's mission is to serve groups in its listening area who are underrepresented on other local radio stations and to provide access to the airwaves for people who have unconventional or controversial tastes and points of view. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and has been on the air since 1968.

KBOO is supported financially by donations from members and a small endowment. As of February 2006, the station had about 6,800 members. The station runs pledge drives twice each year. The annual KBOO budget in 2006 was about $900,000.

The station is run by nine paid staff members and several hundred volunteers. Its offices and broadcast studios are in a converted warehouse in inner Southeast Portland, purchased in 1982. Its main transmitter power output is 10,000 watts in Portland, KBOO also has two repeater stations – in Philomath, Oregon (at 104.3 FM) and the Columbia River Gorge (at 91.9 FM) – which increase its broadcast area to include the Columbia River Gorge and most of the Willamette Valley.