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abbr. 1 thousand barrels per day 2 (context computing English) keyboard


KBD can refer to:

  • K-B-D, a Semitic triliteral root meaning "heavy"

KBD can also be used as an acronym for:

  • Kabardian language in the ISO 639 code
  • Kaiser-Bessel Derived, a type of window function used for digital signal processing
  • Kashin-Beck disease, an osteoarticular disease
  • Karelian Bear Dog, a Finnish/Karelian dog breed
  • KBD-1 Gargoyle, an American surface-to-air missile
  • KBDS, a radio station in California
  • Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, a company that produces bourbon and rye whiskey
  • Killed by Death (disambiguation), the name of a song by Motorhead and an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • King's Bench Division, a division of the High Court of Justice in England
  • King Black Dragon, a high-level monster in RuneScape
  • Thousand barrels per day, a measurement of production or consumption of crude oil

kBd can refer to:

  • kilobaud, equal to one thousand baud, symbol rate in telecommunications