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KAZI (88.7 FM) is a listener-supported, non-commercial urban contemporary community radio station in Austin, Texas. A transmitter site is located in Southwest Austin and the station has studios in Northeast Austin.

KAZI went on the air in August 1982 as a community radio station in Austin serving the African American community of the city and its surrounding areas. The station features an urban contemporary format and plays numerous styles of music such as R&B, Hip Hop, Gospel, Blues, Soul, Reggae, and Jazz. It also provides educational programming, community information, and independent news.

Kazi (given name)

Kazi is given name, which is a female name among Slavs and Celts, and a male name in South Asia. The Celtic origin of the name is cassi, which means "láska" or "respect". Kazi may refer to:

  • Kazi Abdul Odud (1894–1970), Bangladeshi writer
  • Kazi Abul Kasem (1913–2003), Indian cartoonist and writer
  • Kazi Asad Abid (born 1952), Pakistani journalist
  • Kazi Dawa Samdup (1868–1923), Indian translator and writer
  • Kazi Golam Mahbub (1927–2006), Bangladeshi politician
  • Kazi Hayat (born 1947), Bangladeshi film director
  • Kazi Jalil Abbasi (1912–1996), Indian politician
  • Kazi Kader Newaj (1909–1983), Bangladeshi poet
  • Kazi Lhendup Dorjee (1904–2007), Indian politician
  • Kazi Mobin-Uddin (1930–1999), American surgeon
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899–1976), Bangladeshi poet
  • Kazi Salahuddin (born 1953), Bangladeshi football player and manager
  • Kazi Zafar Ahmed (1939–2015), Bangladeshi politician and Prime Minister
  • Kazi Zainul Abedin (1892–1962), Pakistani poet

Usage examples of "kazi".

It was undoubtedly the most beautiful piece of jewelry Kazi had ever had.

Zazar had taken some effort to instill in Kazi the certainty that her mistress had eyes not only in the back of her head, but all around it as well.

Let Kazi think she had overlooked the brooch and because of that, wouldn't take it away from her.

It was not to Kazi that she spoke, but to the Something that could ever command them all.

Ashen found it easy to forget Kazi, as Kazi found it easy to ignore Ashen.

Even Kazi could not make her stir the pot and go down to the pool carrying water jars at the same time.

And so with a light heart, she left Kazi behind and disappeared into the underbrush that marked the edges of the clearing where Zazar's hut stood.

When she discovered what Kazi wished kept to herself, she would have gained a fraction more of power.

She gave a quick glance to where Kazi sat grinning, enjoying the girl's fall from the Wysen-wyf's good graces.

That Kazi had guided them here, she could believe, if this was a place known to her as well as to the Wysen-wyf.

She watched Kazi, wondering whether or not she dare go to the old woman's aid.

And if Zazar was dead because of some tattling of Kazi's, better that Kazi suffer one of the many deaths lurking here.

From what Ashen had heard Joal say, Kazi was ready now to openly show the spite and jealousy that had so long eaten at her.

At last, Kazi turned and lurched back the way she had been dragged, her twisted foot finding poor support in the overgrown land.

After all, Kazi had shown herself to be nothing better than a traitor.