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A kaza (, qaḍāʾ, , plural: أقضية, aqḍiyah, ; ) is an administrative division historically used in the Ottoman Empire and currently used in several of its successor states. The term is from Ottoman Turkish and means "jurisdiction"; it is often translated "district", "sub-district" (though this also applies to a nahiye), or "juridical district".

Kaza (disambiguation)

A Kaza or qadaa is a subnational entity in the Arab world.

Kaza or KAZA may also refer to:


KAZA (1290 AM), branded Viên Thao Radio, is a radio station licensed to Gilroy, California, USA. The station serves the San Jose area. The station is owned by Tron Dinh Do, through licensee Intelli, LLC.

KAZA lost its directional antenna transmitter site in Gilroy in late 2014. It is operating under U.S. Federal Communications Commission special temporary authority with 1,250 watts day and 20 watts night nondirectional using KZSJ's tower.