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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

spelled-out form of K.O. (for knockout in the pugilism sense), from 1923. Also used in 1920s as a slang reversal of OK.


n. a knockout (in boxing) vb. To knock someone out, or render them unconscious or senseless


v. knock unconscious or senseless; "the boxing champion knocked out his opponent in a few seconds" [syn: knock cold, knock out]


Kayo may refer to:

  • KAYO (FM), radio station licensed to Wasilla, Alaska
  • Kayo (music), Korean term for pop music
  • Kayo, member of the new wave band Polysics, whose name is taken from the Korean term
  • Kayo, popular slang for the condiment created by mixing tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. Portmanteau of ketchup and mayo.
Kayo (name)

Kayo is a Nigerian name. It is taken from the name "Kayode", which means "secretive." Also taken from Oluwabukayo.


KAYO is a Classic Country formatted broadcast radio station licensed to Wasilla, Alaska, serving the Mat-Su Valley. KAYO is owned and operated by Alpha Media LLC.

Usage examples of "kayo".

Lady Nelia, and kayoed the cab starter, the driver also tried to interfere.

In my fifth amateur fight I had kayoed Tony halfway through the third round.

Pussy Galore said sternly, 'If you set fire to that thing I swear I'll kayo you with my gold brick.