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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kaw \Kaw\, v. i. & n. See Caw.


vb. (alternative form of caw English)


KAW is a Sci Fi Pictures original film that premiered April 7, 2007 on the Sci Fi Channel. It is similar in plot to The Birds (1963) (which also starred Rod Taylor) and can be considered a modernization of the film.

Usage examples of "kaw".

Of the others, Kaw and his black-feathered brood were the most potent makers of trouble.

As if his poised and graceful flight was altered by the release of a trigger, Kaw dived plummet-like and silent toward the ground.

In a moment, however, Kaw split its intelligently rounded cranium with a determined blow from his strong, pointed beak.

His crop full, Kaw was now free to exercise the mischievous curiosity which he had inherited from his ancient forbears.

With a clownish skip of his black, scaly feet, and a show-offish swerve of his dusty ebon wings, Kaw took to the air once more.

And those spines, silvery in sheen, suggested ghoulish animation, the existence of which Kaw could sense as a nameless and menacing unease.

But now, out of his excitement, Kaw drew a reasoned and fairly definite purpose.

Dusk, beautiful and soft and forbidding, found the bird clan assembled in a chamber high-placed in a tremendous edifice many miles from where Kaw had made his discovery.

At last Kaw ruffled his neck feathers, and shook his head violently in an avian gesture of disgust.

In that bloom and silence, Kaw found it easy to feel the creeping and imperceptible, yet avalanching growth of horror.

And so, till the gray dawn, Kaw flew on and on, covering many hundreds of miles, until he saw a low dome of metal, capping a hill.

Beneath it, as Kaw knew, was a shaft leading down to the wonderous underworld of the Itorloo, as intriguing to his mind as a shadowland of magic.

Still swooping and darting nervously, Kaw screamed forth his story, describing in quaint manner the thing he had seen, employing comparisons such as any primitive savage would use.

Zar might have forgotten his inherent ruthlessness where his feathered informer was concerned, had not Kaw become a trifle too insistent in his exhortations to action.

Starved to a black-clad skeleton, and hopeless of ever being fit to hunt again, Kaw tottered into a deep gorge one evening.