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Kaveh the Blacksmith , also known as the Blacksmith of Isfahan, is a mythical figure in the Iranian mythology who leads a popular uprising against a ruthless foreign ruler, Zahāk (Aži Dahāk). His story is narrated in Shahnameh, the national epic of Iran, by the 10th-century Persian poet Ferdowsi.

Kāveh was, according to ancient legends, a blacksmith who launched a national uprising against the evil foreign tyrant Zahāk, after losing two of his children to serpents of Zahāk. Kāveh expelled the foreigners and re-established the rule of Iranians. Many followed Kāveh to the Alborz Mountains in Damāvand, where Fereydun, son of Ābtin and Faranak was living. Then a young man, Fereydun agreed to lead the people against Zahāk. Zahāk had already left his capital, which fell to Fereydun's troops with small resistance. Fereydun released all of Zahāk’s prisoners

Kāveh is the most famous of Persian mythological characters in resistance against despotic foreign rule in Iran. As a symbol of resistance and unity, he raised his leather apron on a spear, known as the Derafsh Kaviani. This flag is later decorated with precious jewels and becomes the symbol of Persian independence. He was invoked by Persian nationalists starting from the generation of Mirza Fatali Akhundov. His name was used as the title of a nationalist newspaper in 1916, and 1920, adorned the canton of the flag of the Persian Socialist Soviet Republic (widely known as the Soviet Republic of Gilan).

Mehregan is the celebration for Fereydun's victory over Zahāk; it is also the time when autumn rains begin to fall.

The dynasty Karen Pahlav (also known as the House of Karen) claimed to be Kāveh's descendants.

Usage examples of "kave".

Although the dragon-ships could not be seen from the beach, their crews must kave been able to see the snow-capped peaks that were their landfall.

Scalding-hot kave heaped with sugar, and a cornmeal bannock gulped while he thought, helped even more.

Their pack-saddles held coils of sausage, flagons of wine and boxes of cigarettes, sacks of Zanjian kave beans and cured hams from the Stalwart territories.

Azanians ever cut off our supply of kave beans, the Army high command is doomed.

Ah, well, if I had to influence him again, then it would just kave to be done.

Give up the miners map and promis to tell nobudy of the kave of gold and we wil git you free.

On the eastern frontier, midway between these highlands and the Cantabrian chain, two comparatively low ranges, running east and west of Pancorbo, kave a gap through which run the railway and roads connecting Castile with the valley of the Ebro.

Ze vomen all vent mat, and pulled off zeir bearls and tia-monts and kave zem to her--vent town on zeir knees and gried and gissed her hants.

He could walk away from this boy, kaving him with the same type of wounds his mother had inflicted on him, or he could speak the words and start the healing.

If the Azanians ever cut off our supply of kave beans, the Army high command is doomed.