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Kaul, Koul, Caul or Kol is a surname used by the Kashmiri Pandit community. The term also refers to the Kaul clan from which several other krams (surnames) of Kashmir have originated.

The word Kaul, meaning well born, is derived from Kula, the Sanskrit term for family or clan. Its use as a surname or appellation is a derivative of the ancient name Kaula which means well born and is related to Saivite beliefs.

Usage examples of "kaul".

The Commandant of military forces on Terra is Kaul krinnu ava Dano, and Dano is traditionally aligned with Narvo.

Talika, Chekov, Kaul, and three archaeological technicians materialized next.

He focused his attention on Kirk with such intensity that the captain knew what Kaul wanted before he spoke.

If Kaul realized how well Spock had manipulated him, he showed no signs of it.

Wondering what unconscious games his mind was playing, Kirk reached for his communicator to ask for the extra help that Kaul had requested.

The majority of the work was still concentrated at the primary site, where Kaul believed they were most likely to find critical information.

She was arguing with Kaul over the significance of the find and disputing his proposals for studying the object.

Lassiter and Talika flanked Kaul, and both women were as silent as Chekov.

Using his height to dominate the shorter man, he pinned Kaul with a steely glare.

Before Kaul could collect himself for further argument, Kirk made good his escape.

Borenson and Myrrima fled Iselferion with the Inkarran Days, Sarka Kaul, as their guide.

Sarka Kaul led them over desolate trails until they reached the shadowed forests, where winged lizards fluttered about, hunting for moths and gnats in the canopy.

Sarka Kaul led the way and reached a line of trees just as their pursuer exited the woods.

Sarka Kaul bypassed the fortress by riding up the slopes until he met the road above.

Sarka Kaul too had stolen a kingly mount, one whose coat was a peculiarly bright color of red.