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Katun (roller coaster)

Katun is a steel inverted roller coaster at the Mirabilandia Amusement Park, Savio, outside Ravenna, Italy. It's the longest inverted roller coaster in Europe. The coaster stands 164 feet tall and has a track length of 3937 feet, a top speed of 65 mph and six inversions:


Katúň is a small settlement close to Spišské Podhradie, Slovakia (48° 59' N, 20° 44' E).

The settlement contains an ancient bell tower, supposed to have originated in the 12th century, which is a Slovak national monument.



Katun may refer to:

In geography:

  • Katun River, a tributary of the Ob River in Siberia, Russia
  • Katun Mountains or Katun Alps, a mountain range in Russia, part of the Altai Mountains
  • Katun, Vranje, a village in Vranje municipality, Serbia
  • Katun, Burma, a village in Mon State, Myanmar (Burma)
  • Katun, Iran, a village in Kurdistan Province, Iran
  • Katúň, a village in Eastern Slovakia
  • Katun Božički, a summer hamlet in the Komovi Mountains, Andrijevica, Montenegro
  • Katun nahiya, a small province (nahiya) during the Ottoman rule in Montenegro

In other uses:

  • Katun (hut), a summer cottage in the mountains used by shepherds in the Balkans
  • Katun (album), a 2007 album by the Mexican death metal band Hacavitz
  • K'atun, a period of time spanning 20 tun's or 7,200 days in the pre-Columbian Maya calendar
  • Katun (roller coaster), a roller coaster at the Mirabilandia Amusement Park near Ravenna, Italy
Katun (Aleksinac)

Katun is a village in the municipality of Aleksinac, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 571 people.

Katun (album)

Katun is the second full-length album by the Mexican death metal band Hacavitz.

Katun (Vranje)

Katun is a village in the municipality of Vranje, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 432 people.

Usage examples of "katun".

Katuns was represented in the native calendars by the picture or portrait of a particular personage who in some way was identified with the Katun, and his name was given to it.

I think, in spite of the contrary statement of Bishop Landa, that we may look upon it as beyond doubt, that the last day of the 11th katun was July 15th, 1541.

Cante bin ti katun lic u ximbalob ca uliob uaye yetel Holon Chantepeuh yetel u cuchulob.

Ahau Katun, it is obvious that some era was fixed upon in later days from which to count the Katuns backward in time to the dawn of tradition, as well as forward.

Ahau Katun, and having stated the desertion of Chichen Itza and the migration to Chakanputun, the chronicler draws a line, as if to separate broadly these occurrences from those which followed.

Oxlahunte ti katun, lic u tepalob, lic u kabaticob, ti i ualac u cutob.

It was the thirteenth katun in which they governed and had heavy labor.

In the thirteenth ahau katun those called the Maya men founded the city Mayapan.

In the sixth katun they were destroyed, and it was ended with those called Mayas.

It was the eleventh ahau katun in which it ended with those called Mayas.

Book of Chilan Balam of Chumayel, as the name of one of the towns which furnished a katun stone.

As Pech has already told us that it was also the first year of the 9th Ahau Katun, we have the date fixed in both methods of reckoning, that is, by the Kin Katun as well as the Ahau Katun, according to the calendar which his family used.

If he had to kill Katun, he would have to strike without warning and be successful with his first blow.

Relkin knew that in combat with Katun he would have little chance, and Relkin of Quosh had fought in many battles and faced all manner of opponents.

Relkin sensed that Bilj would have killed Katun in an instant if he dared, but understood that Katun was the better man.