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Katti is a village development committee in Dailekh District in the Bheri Zone of western-central Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 4113 people living in 699 individual households.

Usage examples of "katti".

You have heard Katti describe Valmai as a nymphomaniac and will be able to draw your own conclusions about the justness of this criticism.

During her absence the house was occupied by a Miss Katti Bostock, another painter.

He thought he recognised a large picture of a trapeze artiste in pink tights and spangles as the work of Katti Bostock.

After lunch, as far as I remember, Katti and I sat in here and smoked.

We moved her a little, and Katti tried to stop the blood with a piece of rag.

And the alarming thing is, Katti, that the narrative has its horrid fascination.

She walked self-consciously down the room looking at Katti out of the corners of her eyes.

She remembered with a jolt that she must let Katti Bostock know about Tuesday.