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Usage examples of "katt".

That's why I have invited here today Elijah du Katt, the current clone representative in Parliament.

If a respected figure like du Katt had been suborned, who else did Finn have in his pocket?

James still had nightmares about some of the invasive surgeries du Katt had put him through, on Finn's orders.

But he didn't make any fuss when du Katt unpacked his diagnostics kit.

Du Katt took his time with the diagnostics, checking James's readings carefully against the expected optimums.

James relaxed just a little, and quietly put his shirt back on as du Katt talked with Finn about him as though he weren't there.

Only du Katt and a select few from the clone underground knew the truth.

Finn saw Anne aproaching, and used that as an excuse to send du Katt on his way.

And given what du Katt was doing, on Finn's instructions… The half dozen long rooms, set some distance under a main street, were crammed full of the very latest tech, some of it legal only because no one had found out about it yet.

The original du Katt identified himself with a sloppy hat of no discernable style or purpose.

Du Katt glared at them venomously, and then tried an ingratiating smile on Finn.

Du Katt met Finn's gaze squarely, the effect only slightly spoiled by his trembling lower lip.

Du Katt decided he might have been better off with the first subject after all.

He reached inside his armor, and all the du Katt clones dived for cover in case it was a weapon.

Du Katt would very much have liked to have done the same, but he couldn't afford to appear weak in front of Finn Durandal.