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Katiyar is a Brij or Awadhi language word. Katiyar surname has origin from the word Katara or Sword. Katiyar is one of famous sub-caste community of Kurmi from the Kshatriya (Hindu rulers/warrior class) cast.

The Indian nobility often wore ornamental katara as a symbol of their social status. Katiyars are mostly populated in western Uttar Pradesh, most of them are still involved in their traditional occupation of agriculture. Katiyar is same as Swordsman in English or Gladiator in Latin. Katiyars are dominant in Districts of Farrukhabad, Kannauj and Kanpur. Vinay Katiyar, founder of Bajrang Dal is a prominent leader of the community.

Dr G.P.Katiyar prominent pediatrician of B.H.U , Dr B.C.Katiyar was H.O.D of Neurology B.H.U., Dr S. S. Katiyar was former Vice Chancellor of CSJM University Kanpur, Bansh Lal Katiyar (3 times President of BJP Kanpur Dehat - Unit) and 2 times MLA Candidate On BJP Ticket from Ghatampur Vidhan Sabha are some of the famous personality. Dr. Amit Katiyar is currently serving as a Scientist in All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. Now this community is highly educated and prosperous.Sagar Katiyar is a man of many talents too. Mayank Katiyar, Chartered Accountant, has also a versatile talent like Sketch Artist and Teacher.