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Katimavik ( Inuktitut: "meeting place") is a registered charity which educates Canadian youth through volunteer work. Katimavik provides opportunities for young Canadians to participate in intensive six-month periods of volunteer service through the following themed programs: "Cultural Discovery and Civic Engagement", "Eco-citizenship and Active Living", "Second Language and Cultural Identity", "Eco-internship" (Éco-stage), and "Katimavik Horizon". In each program, volunteers live in groups of 11 young people in one or two different regions of the country, work full-time for not-for-profit organizations, and engage in an educational curriculum in which volunteers improve their second official language, learn about environmental stewardship and Canadian cultures, and develop a healthy lifestyle and leadership skills. During the 2011-12 program year, approximately 1,150 young Canadians volunteered in a Katimavik program and lived at one of 53 Katimavik houses located across the country while contributing to the work of one of 545 partner organizations. The organization is currently headed by Daniel Lapointe.

Since 1977, more than 30,000 Canadians have participated in the program, staged in more than 2000 communities.