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n. (context rare British English) A weight equivalent to about 1.5 pound, adopted as a standard by British companies.

Kati (disambiguation)

Kati may refer to:

  • Kata people of Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Kata-vari dialect, the Nuristani language spoken by them
  • Kati, a common abbreviation of the given name Catherine, see also Katty, Katy, Katie, or Kate
  • Kati (Tanzanian ward), a word meaning "ward"
  • Kati (Mali), a city in Mali
  • Central Province, Kenya, or "Kati" in Swahili
  • Catty, an East Asian measure of weight
  • Kati Piri (born 1979), Dutch politician

KATI (94.3 FM), branded as 94.3 KAT Country, is a radio station which broadcasts country music and St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Licensed to California, Missouri, the station serves the Jefferson City area and is owned by the Zimmer Radio Group of Mid-Missouri.

Kati (Tanzanian ward)

Kati is an administrative ward in the Arusha District of the Arusha Region of Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward has a total population of 4,026.

Usage examples of "kati".

For Kati, now well into her fifties, time seemed to move in a blur, but she was fortunate.

They shared in company profits according to their seniority, a thing Kati had lobbied hard for with the nobles.

Infant mortality rates had fallen substantially and Kati could only hope that birth rates would eventually follow by shear necessity.

When Kati granted them new lands and seed as payment for their produce, they simply made more children to help tend them.

For your Gong-Gong, there is Kati, you and Mengjai, and now the twins.

They saw what Yesui did not, and yet Yesui was far beyond Kati in that regard.

He and Mengjai remained close, after years of space-travel together, but Kati rarely saw her son and their last meeting regarding the twins had not been pleasant.

We plan a major demonstration to support our church and the freedom Empress Kati gave to the people.

We could easily overwhelm them with a few hundred troops, Kati, said Mengmoshu.

Yes, said Kati, unsure whether it was the proper time to pursue the matter.

Remember the war, Kati, the war I remember so well from a time when we were enemies, not friends.

Weimeng, with Kati as a little girl, then Kati with an infant Yesui, with Mengjai, then a plethora of imperial portraits.

The first thing Kati noticed was that none of them were armed, except for long black sticks dangling from their belts.

A few policemen ran towards the new crowd, brandishing long sticks, the first sign Kati had seen of any local effort to control the demonstrators.

A Moshuguang officer was shouting orders into a radio as Kati reached the car, and he held up a hand.