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Katha may refer to:

  • The Sanskrit for "speech, narration, story, fable", see Katha (storytelling format)
  • The Kaṭha or Caraka-Katha school of the Black Yajurveda
    • Katha Upanishad, a Hindu text associated with the Katha school
    • Katha Aranyaka, a Hindu text associated with the Katha school
  • Katha (unit), a unit of measurement, largely obsolete in India and Bangladesh but still used in Nepal
  • Katha (genus), a genus of moths
  • a Vedic shakha
    • its Upanishad
    • its Aranyaka
  • Katha is the Hindi name for Catechu, an extract of acacia used in Ayurvedic medicine
Katha (unit)

A katha (also spelled kattha or cottah) is a unit of area in Bangladesh and India approximately equal to 1/20 of a bigha.

This unit is still in use in much of Bangladesh and India, but the size varies significantly from place to place. In the Indian state of Bihar, one katha may vary from 750 ft² to 2000 ft². Also this can be 32 by 30 feet in length and breadth respectively.

In north Bihar and Patna, 1 Katha is generally equal to 1360 ft². 20 Kathas equals 1 Bigha. One katha is further subdivided in 20 dhur. One dhur is further subdivided in 20 dhurki. 1 acre = 2.5 bighas; 1 bigha = 20 kathas; 1 katha = 20 dhoor; 1 dhoor = 6 haath; 1 katha = 1.65 decimal.

1 decimal in Bihar equals to 435.56 sq feet.

In Bangladesh, one katha is standardized to , and 20 katha equals 1 bigha.

The Katha is still in use in Nepal, where it is equivalent to 338.57 m² (3,644.3 ft²).[.

Katha (storytelling format)

Katha is an Indian style of religious storytelling, performances of which are a ritual event in Hinduism, and often involve professional storytellers called kathavahchak or vyas, who recite the Hindu religious texts, such as the Puranas, Ramayana or Bhagavata Purana, often followed by a commentary, Pravachan. Sometimes such events take place in households when it involves smaller stories related to the Vrat Katha genre, for example, the Shri Satyanarayan Katha, Ramayan Katha are didactic in nature and used to instill moralistic values through the revelation of the consequences of human action ( Karma).

Katha (moth)

Katha is a genus of moths in the family Arctiidae.

Most species were previously placed in the genus Eilema.

Katha (1983 film)

Katha (English: Story) (Hindi: कथा ) is a 1983 Hindi film by Sai Paranjpye featuring Naseeruddin Shah, Farooq Shaikh and Deepti Naval in the main roles. The film is about the daily lives of people living in a Mumbai chawl.

It was shot on location at Salunke Chawl near Churchgate. Jalal Agha and Sarika made guest appearances in the movie. Apparently, one of the principal characters, played by Faroukh Sheikh, was named Basu Bhatt after filmmaker Basu Bhattacharya.

Katha (2009 film)

Katha is a 2009 Telugu-language thriller film directed by Srinivas Raga. The film stars Genelia D'Souza in the lead and is produced by Urmila Gunnam.