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KATH (910 AM) is a Catholic-oriented radio station located in Dallas, Texas. It features a Catholic religious programming format. Guadalupe Radio Network, a Midland, Texas, based Catholic broadcasting company, took over operation of KATH on October 1, 2006 along with sister station KJON (850 AM). Guadalupe Radio broadcasts Catholic programs in English on KATH and in Spanish on KJON.

The KATH studios are located in Dallas, and the transmitter is located just outside the northwestern city limit of Frisco, Texas, a town just north of Dallas. KATH broadcasts with 1,000 watts during the daytime, and powers down to 500 watts at night, per FCC regulations. Even with the limited signal, the station reportedly covers the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex adequately.


Kath or KATH may refer to:

  • KATH-TV, the NBC TV station in Juneau, Alaska
  • KATH (AM), a radio station in Texas
  • Kath (city), the historical capital of Khwarezm
Kath (name)

Kath is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name:

  • Kath Shelper, Australian film producer
  • Kath Soucie, American voice actress
  • Kath Bloom, American singer-songwriter whose sad voice often accompanies simple folk melodies
  • Kath Pettingill (born 1935), the matriarch of a notorious Melbourne based criminal family


  • Katherine Kath (1920–2012), French ballerina and actress
  • Kory Kath (born 1977), American politician
  • Roger Kath (born 1984), Hong Kong footballer
  • Terry Kath (1946–1978), original guitarist, vocalist, and founding member of the band Chicago

Fictional characters:

  • Kath Day-Knight, character in the Australian television comedy series Kath & Kim