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n. A type of traditional cupboard produced by Dutch settlers in New York and New Jersey in the 18th and 19th centuries


Kast or KAST may refer to:

  • kast (furniture), a tall wardrobe-like Dutch chest with double doors. Often used as hope chests, these were constructed so as to partially dismantle for transport to the matrimonial home.
  • KAST (AM), an AM radio station in Astoria, Oregon
  • KLMY, a radio station (99.7 FM) licensed to Long Beach, Washington, United States, which held the call sign KAST-FM from January 2006 to January 2009
  • The ICAO identifier for Astoria Regional Airport in Astoria, Oregon
  • Kamusi Awali ya Sayansi na Tekinologia, a Swahili dictionary of terms in science and technology

KAST (1370 AM) is an American radio station licensed to serve the community of Astoria, Oregon. The station is owned by OMG FCC Licenses, LLC.

KAST was originally on 1370 kHz then moved to 1200 kHz in 1939. In 1941 it moved to 1230 kHz as a result of the NARBA agreement. It moved back to 1370 kHz in 1950.

The programming of the station is news–talk, with local programming during drive time hours and at noon, and syndicated programs including Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and Lars Larson the remainder of the day.

Robert D. Holmes served as a station manager at KAST in the 1930s, prior to serving as Governor of Oregon.

Usage examples of "kast".

Kast looked directly at Nidder, then calmly crossed his right leg over his left.

As it was, Nidder could fully appreciate it -- though he was at a loss to explain why the artist had included gardening implements in the painting -- and smiled to let Kast know what he was missing.

When the nod was returned, Nidder even began to imagine that Kast might take him on as an apprentice, or even a partner.

In the nanosecond it took for the scarlet bolt to sizzle through his chest, Nidder realized Kast had positioned him so carefully and precisely because the bounty hunter wanted to kill him.

Juffrouw Frantzen, de juffrouw van Truus en de Engelsche bonne liepen zenuwachtig in de kleedkamers, in de kasten zoekende naar schoone kousen en flanelletjes, en Truus bracht eenige ruwe handdoeken aan, om de kinderen droog te wrijven.

Kast snatched the toadish beast in midair, clamping hard, fangs piercing deep.

For years Fett had been hearing about another bounty hunter who wore Mandalorian combat armor, a fellow named Jodo Kast.

He got control of himself fast enough to avoid bumping into his father and turned back quickly, but Jodo Kast swung the wrought-iron gate shut.

He was still wearing his Jodo Kast armor, though without the helmet and gauntlets.

Even though Jodo Kast is not among them, your assassination of Thyne while disguised as Kast will again lead his attention to me.

Kast produced a packet of marshmallows, and they sat by the funeral pyre to toast them, swapping happy reminiscences of past campaigns.