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Kary may refer to:

  • Kary (name), is both a surname and a given name
  • Kary, South Dakota, a ghost town
  • KARY-FM, a radio station in Grandview, Washington, United States
  • Kary, the fire fiend in the video game Final Fantasy
  • K-ary, referring to arity in mathematics and computer science
Kary (name)

Kary is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Douglas Kary, Republican member of the Montana Legislature
  • Hans Kary, (born 1949), former Austrian professional tennis player

Given name:

  • Kary Antholis, American executive at the television network HBO
  • Kary Arora, (born 1977), the first female professional DJ in Delhi, India
  • Kary H Lasch, (1914–1993), Swedish photographer
  • Kary Mullis, (born 1944), a Nobel Prize–winning American biochemist, author, and lecturer
  • Kary Ng, (born 1986), a pop rock singer in Hong Kong
  • Kary Osmond, Canadian television chef
  • Kary Vincent (born 1969), American football player