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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1959, short for go-kart (see go-cart).


alt. A go-cart. n. A go-cart. vb. To ride in a go-cart.


KART (1400 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a classic country format. Licensed to Jerome, Idaho, USA, the station serves the Twin Falls area. The station is currently owned by Lee Family Broadcasting and is also heard on translator K234CT, licensed to Twin Falls on 94.7 FM.

Kart (disambiguation)

Kart or KART or Go-kart or similar may refer to:

  • Go-kart, a type of small four-wheeled vehicle, motorized or not
  • Kart racing, a variant of open-wheel motorsport with small, open, four-wheeled vehicles called karts
  • Kart racer, a type of video game
  • KART (AM), a radio station (1400 AM) licensed to Jerome, Idaho, United States
  • Kart’, a town in Armenia
  • Kart, Iran, a village in Taybad County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Go-Kart Records, a record label
  • Korea National University of Arts (K-ARTS), a national university in South Korea
  • Watertown International Airport in Watertown, New York ( ICAO: KART)
  • 1 GOCART: GOddard Chemistry Aerosol Radiation and Transport model: simulation of atmospheric aerosols

Usage examples of "kart".

A blue police-drone buzzed the kart and scanned them with bursts of pink laser light.

The drone kept pace with the kart for a moment before becoming suddenly uninterested in them and gliding away.

No more hanging out with the gumbyheads at the Supr Savr, policing up the Kart Korral and getting bothered by assholes like Skipper.

The voice on the phone wanted to meet me by the Kart Korral, where Skipper had so often teased me.

Still, if Skipper Brannigan had a ghost, the Kart Korral was likely where it would hang out, looking for fresh victims to torture.

Sitting there next to the Kart Korral (now almost empty for the night, all the carts except for one poor old three-wheeled cripple safely locked up inside) with its parking lights on and white exhaust drifting up into the air.

Sharpton's car and mine for a minute, looking at the Kart Korral and thinking about Skipper.

I was standing between his car and mine, standing by the Kart Korral where Skipper would never mash anyone else's fingers.

There was just him and me under the yellow mercury-vapor lamps, there by the Kart Korral.

Two karts hung by hooks from the ceiling, apostrophes above a corroded Pobeda that was set on blocks.