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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Karn \Karn\, n. [Cornish. Cf. Cairn.] (Mining) A pile of rocks; sometimes, the solid rock. See Cairn.


n. (context mining dated English) A pile of rocks.


KARN is a commercial sports and talk radio station at 920 AM in Little Rock, Arkansas, owned and operated by Cumulus Media. Originally known as KARK-AM and later locally owned by Ted Snider, the station has long been the flagship station of the Arkansas Radio Network. The station's studios are located in West Little Rock, and the transmitter tower is located in North Little Rock.

KARN AM 920 was formerly a news and talk station, that now airs on 102.9 FM with nationally syndicated programming with a conservative political tone like the Rush Limbaugh show and the Sean Hannity show. Local talk shows are also notably conservative in tone, with afternoon host Dave Elswick the most well known voice. Generations of Arkansas broadcasters have worked at KARN, including sportscaster Jim Elder, talk show hosts Pat Lynch, Ray Lincoln, Bob Harrison, Taylor Carr and Sharon Lee, farm broadcasters Bob Buice, Lowell Ruffcorn, John Philpot, Stewart Doan, Janet Adkison and Keith Merckx (who also spent time as a news reporter and anchor) and newscasters Don Corbett, Vern Beachy, Scott Crowder, Michael Hibblen, Scott Charton, Rita Richardson, Ron Breeding, Don Griffin, Barry Green, David Wallace, Ken Miller, Paula Cooper, Terry Easley, Jayson Rogers, Grant Merrill, Alan Caudle, Patrick Grant, "Ugly" Ed Johnson and Jack Heinritz.

As a news and talk station, KARN's Program Directors have included Rick McGee, Dennis Turner, Chuck Martin, Dennis Kelly, Dale Forbis, Bob Shomper, Greg Foster, Neal Gladner, Bud Ford and Dave Elswick.

KARN is licensed by the FCC to broadcast a digital HD signal.

Usage examples of "karn".

Vvelz and Karn led the little band to the center of the street of the sixth terrace.

An expression like sadness or pain passed quickly over his face, vanishing when Karn called after them.

When Karn entered the upper cavern, I met him and put the amulets on the out-landers so they could converse and understand us.

He found the old man fighting a losing battle with Karn for possession of the second sword Di An had brought.

In the next instant, Karn was on him, slashing madly, first from one side, then the other.

Riverwind did not understand how Karn and Di An were able to find their way in the murk.

With a jaunty, triumphant air, Karn slammed the sword Di An had brought to High Spires home into his scabbard.

As Karn had said, the cave wall was honeycombed with holes and tunnels, many of which had been carved out of the limestone by early Hestites and used as homes.

All through the day Karn had been receiving messages from Li El in the city.

When about fifty warriors had gained the far side, Karn went down himself.

So intent was everyone on the exchange between Mors and his queen, no one noticed as Karn opened his eyes.

When Mors resolved to have Li El tried and executed, Karn heaved himself to his feet.

It stunned him, for he had lived in total blackness since the day Karn had blinded him.

The wolf tried to bite his fingers, and Karn pressed his palms harder, continued to scrape.

From a pocket, Karn took out a piece of salted beef, held it between his lips and lowered his head.