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see Carl.


KARL (105.1 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a country music format. Licensed to Tracy, Minnesota, the station serves the Marshall, Minnesota area. The station is currently owned by Linder Radio Group. It carries Dial Global " Hot Country" music format satellite network.

Usage examples of "karl".

Karl Acton, rather than simply disappearing, was actually killed by an erupting smoker.

I was unable to find any record of Karl Acton using the medical scanner.

None of these countries had prepared for aeronautic warfare on the magnificent scale of the Germans, but each guarded secrets, each in a measure was making ready, and a common dread of German vigour and that aggressive spirit Prince Karl Albert embodied, had long been drawing these powers together in secret anticipation of some such attack.

David Drake contributed an Introduction to the former, while the final volume featured a reprint Introduction by the late Karl Edward Wagner and an Afterword by Gerald W.

His analysis of imperialism is articulated primarily by challenging the theses of RudolfHilf erding and Karl Kautsky.

By instinct Karl stepped sideways into the dimension from which Kristian had first appeared, the world aslant that only vampires could enter, which they called the Crystal Ring.

Sometimes they managed to secure the northern shark, sometimes even the toothed Hunjer whale or the less common Karl whale, which was a four-fluked, baleen whale.

Does Randy Karl Tucker realize that the aliens are in bodacious moldie bodies just down the block?

Consequently Karl Mayer have to receive 139 rouble, 79 copecks, beside his wage.

Karl Von Vechten went to work as a butter maker at the Craig Creamery in Cedar Hill.

As late as 1892, Karl Baedeker speaks of first-class cars on that particular line as having fauteuils which can be transformed into beds at night but he gives no details of the metamorphosis, and anyway, in 1872, the simulacrum of full-length repose did not include any bedding.

Richard and Mary Parker died in a plane crash arranged by Karl Fiers, in his role as the Finisher.

There we will find neither the village of Oetlingen or the Essence of Beauty, but rather the awaited third friend, the student of jurisprudence Karl Hamelt, returning from Wendlingen, where he had spent his vacation.

Karl Hamelt did not awaken from his dream before his two friends -- having grown impatient -- had walked down the road a bit and found him lying in the grass.

Karl Hamelt -- though seated at the small table immediately beside that of his friends, in no way remarked or acknowledged their arrival.