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Kariana is a small village in Amreli District in the state of Gujarat, India.

There are many small hills surrounding the village. On one such hill, there is a stone, which when hit with a pebble, generates the sound of a bell, like Tan..Tan..Tan. Because of the sound made, the local people call it Tan tan yo pano (Pano means stone). Some consider this a small miracle.

Besides that, this village has lots of peacocks (birds). There is a temple of Mahadev (Lord Shankar) in the village.

There is a beautiful lake outside the village's residential area. The village gets water from this lake for agriculture and household uses.

The road is small size made of tar. Vehicles driving in both directions have to watch that they do not collide. One can see small hills on both sides of the road. The main crop on the fields is Peanuts and Cotton.

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