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Kari or KARI may refer to:

  • Kari or curry, a pan-Asian variety of dishes made of spices and/or herbs
  • Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore
  • Kari (moon), a natural satellite of Saturn
  • Kari (music), a technique in shakuhachi music
  • Kari (name), real and fictional people with the given name, nickname or surname
  • Kari Suomalainen, who often signed his work as "Kari*" (Kari and an asterisk for the dot of "i")
  • Kari, Jhunjhunu, a village in Rajasthan, India
  • , a village in Mouhoun Province, Burkina Faso

  • Kari, Tikamgarh, a town in Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Kari, Iran, a village in Bushehr Province, Iran
  • Kari-ye Bozorg ("Greater Kari"), a village in Ardabil Province, Iran
  • Kari people, also Cari, Aka-Kari or Aka-Cari, a tribe in the Andaman Islands, India
    • Kari language, also Cari, Aka-Kari or Aka-Cari, spoken by the Kari people
  • Kari language, a Bantu language spoken in Africa
  • Kári, son of Fornjót, the personification of wind in Norse mythology
  • KARI or the Kenya Agricultural Reuseorg rch Institute
  • KARI or Korea Aerospace Research Institute, the aeronautics and space agency of South Korea
  • KARI (AM), an AM radio station broadcasting on 550, licensed to Blaine, WA
  • Karo-kari (honor killings against women are Kari)
Kari (moon)

Kari ( ; ), or Saturn XLV (provisional designation S/2006 S 2), is a natural satellite of Saturn. Its discovery was announced by Scott S. Sheppard, David C. Jewitt, Jan Kleyna, and Brian G. Marsden on 26 June 2006 from observations taken between January and April 2006.

Kari is about 7 kilometres in diameter, and orbits Saturn at an average distance of 22,305,100 km in 1243.71 days, at an inclination of 148.4° to the ecliptic (151.5° to Saturn's equator), in a retrograde direction and with an eccentricity of 0.3405. The rotation period has been determined to 7 hours and 42 minutes.

It was named in April 2007 after Kári, son of Fornjót, the personification of wind in Norse mythology.

Kari (music)

Kari, in shakuhachi music, is both a property of a note and a technique. To play a note kari means to play it with raised pitch, relative to playing the note meri. In addition to sharpening the pitch, playing a note kari also modifies the tone color or timbre of a note.

The usual technique to play a note kari is to raise the chin, increasing the angle and distance between the embouchure and utaguchi (blowing edge).

Kari (name)

Kari is either a male or female given name, or a surname.


KARI (branded as Word Radio) is a radio station serving the Metro Vancouver and Northwest Washington areas with a Christian talk radio format. It broadcasts on AM frequency 550 kHz and is under ownership of Multicultural Broadcasting.

Usage examples of "kari".

Kari was doing her end-of-the-week mending by the kitchen window when Alec wandered in with his bow.

Beyond Kari and Astasia, the fuses gleamed brighter in the shadows, the waiting soldiers hovering nervously, waiting for the command to fire.

One by one the councillors spoke, asking questions of Capel, Goran and Karis.

Perched on the throne, his eyes as hard as diamonds, was King Karis of Reec.

Unis we flew three thousand and five hundred miles over the great Karagan Ocean, which extends for eighty-five hundred miles from the northern continent of Karis to the southernmost tip of Unis, where the continents of Epris and Unis almost meet.

Marsia Darath, to back up Kari Frensler, so that someone was monitoring Lotta or her nurse almost all the time.

No one had wanted her father to allow the Bronze Knight into Reec, but Karis had in sisted, for King Akeela would not come without him.

Ozhobar covered the ballista with a tarpaulin and led Karis back to the warmth of the forge.

The man who held her head was Karien too, with the tonsured head and fanatical expression of a priest.

I was glad, as I had not been very happy crossing the Voldan Ocean from Karis to Auris in the ancient crate that Gompth had furnished us.

The young king gave a humble smile as he approached the table where Karis waited, two empty chairs directly on his right.

You there, Jonil, see to the cutting of some branches, the straightest you can find, and Karis, you tear up some blankets for bindings.

Nyebern and Kari Dovell sat in armchairs before the big windows in the darkened living room of his house on Spyglass Hill, looking at the millions of lights that glimmered across Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Across the room, the declawed saint and the timid warlock joined a crowded table, which included Kari Stark and a blatantly mismatched collection of companions.

And, now that she thought about it, Kari the bookworm was suddenly hanging out with several kids who had nothing in common, including Anya and Michael.