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Karf may refer to:

  • Karf-e Olya
  • Karf-e Sofla

Usage examples of "karf".

Subject to no orders below those of Tortha Karf, Chief of Paratime Police.

Tortha Karf repeated it into his stenomemograph, with explanatory comment.

Sometimes Tortha Karf or Verkan Vail would punch one of these, and read, on an adjoining screen, the explanatory matter referred to.

Sometimes I wish Chaldron Karf and Hesthor Ghrom had strangled in their cradles!

Fifth-Level North America, it had been taken to the First Level and placed in the Dhergabar Zoological Gardens, and then, requisitioned on the authority of Tortha Karf, it had been brought to the Fourth Level by Verkan Vail.

First Level city of Dhergarbar, Tortha Karf, Chief of Paratime Police, leaned forward in his chair to hold his lighter for his special assistant, Verkan Vail, then lit his own cigarette.

Tortha Karf looked around apprehensively, as though estimating the damage an enraged Hadron Dalla could do to his office furnishings.

Tortha Karf was explaining to Vail just where and on what paratemporal sector Kharanda was spoken.

Vail and Tortha Karf were talking cop talk about method of operation and possible size of the gang involved, and why the slaves had been shipped all the way from India to the west coast of North America.

Across the black lavalike pavement, they could see the bulky form of Tortha Karf, hunched under a long cloak, with his flat cap pulled down over his brow.

They went over to an antigrav-shaft and floated down to the floor on which Tortha Karf had a duplicate of the office in the Paratime Building on Home Time Line.

Tortha Karf is trying to scare the public with ghost stories about a gigantic paratemporal conspiracy, to get more appropriations and more power.

It was only then that he saw Tortha Karf hunched down in the rear seat.

As Vail and Tortha Karf and Dalla walked over, the car which had brought them lifted out.

Tortha Karf, who had been looking at the man in Proletarian dress whom Vail had killed first, turned, looked in another direction, and then cursed.