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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Karen \Karen\, Karenic \Karenic\n. A language spoken in the Thai-Burmese borderlands.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Mongoloid people of Burma, 1759, from Burmese ka-reng "wild, dirty, low-caste man" [OED].


fem. proper name, Danish shortened form of Katherine. Rare before 1928; a top-10 name for girls born in the U.S. 1951-1968.


Karen may refer to:

  • Karen (name), a female given name and surname
Karen (1964 TV series)

Karen is an American sitcom that stars Debbie Watson in the title role of 16-year-old Karen Scott, and Gina Gillespie as the tomboyish little sister Mimi.

Karen (name)

Karen is a given name. In English, it is a feminine name related to Katherine and other similar Germanic language names. In Iran and Armenia however, it is a masculine name deriving from other non-Germanic languages. The name is also found in modern Africa, as well as in Asia.

Karen (1975 TV series)

Karen is an American sitcom that aired on ABC beginning in January, 1975. A mid-season replacement, Karen was designed as a starring vehicle for actress Karen Valentine. The show was canceled after four months due to low ratings.

Karen (singer)

Karen Rosenberg (born 20 June 1975), better known by her mononym Karen is a Danish R&B singer. She released three albums. Her debut album En til en in 2000 was produced by Saqib of Outlandish and Lasse Lindholm of Hvid Sjokolade. Her follow up album. The album was nominated to three awards during the Danish Music Awards eventually winning Best R&B. She also became famous with "Vis mig du' min mand" taken from the album. Her follow-up album Ingen smalle steder in 2004 was produced by her boyfriend producer Vagn Luv. In 2009, she released Stiletto, but with much lesser success. the album didn't chart on the Tracklisten.

In addition to music, she has become a radio and television celebrity. In 2002, she gained a role in sitcom Langt fra Las Vegas. She presents P3 radio station's Karen & Szhirley with co host Szhirley Haim. The program broadcasts's the best R&B releases in Denmark. She is also one of five official judges during the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 2011.

Usage examples of "karen".

Karen Lowe was an excellent astrogator, but a hyper voyage this long provided a great deal of scope for minor astrogation errors to produce major results.

Karen Cecile, Nicole Hare, Ruth Stuart, Samuel Paik, Iris Peace, David Brukman, Lara Herrera, Liz Bennefeld, Michael Picray, Tim Bowie, Don Bassie, and Alan Mietlowski.

The boys told how the family had gone on a picnic, how Kam caught a bee in a honey jar, how Randy dropped the jar on the log, how some bees came, how more bees came, how Karen got one stuck in her hair which stung her, how Mommy was running to help, how Mommy and Dad were dead now.

And thanks to my new writing friends, the Hudson Valley RWA women, who provided much help and encouragement: Terri Hall, Kathy Attalla, Renee Simons, Karen Drogin, Claire Ruane, Bette LaGow, Blair Lavey, Liz Matis, Jeannie Miraglia, Janet Walters, Paula Keller, Elaine Lindenblatt, Grace Bizzarro, Georgia Carey, Nancy Hajeski, Karen Larsen, Helen Grishman, Jennifer Probst, Mildred Lubke, Sunny Hogg.

There were the Burman Christians, who had listened so long, with edification and delight, to his preaching--there were the Karens, who looked to him as their guide, their earthly all--there were the scholars whom he had taught the way to heaven, and the Christian sisters, whose privilege it had been to wash, as it were, his feet.

Then he lifted his right arm in what was at first a clenched fist of victory, and then developed into a Churchillian V for victory salute all the while looking directly at Karen.

Recently I read yet another article on Karen Quinlan, the New Jersey woman who was comatose for months and whose parents finally received court permission to order the doctors to disconnect her from the machines that were keeping her body going.

Sunlight has specific information known generally only to the Gemini squad about the murder of a woman named Karen Jacobs killed by the Gemini in 1968.

Karen Reading was telling the truth: my grandma was always frightening us with ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night.

Karen grabbed a handrest on the right-front door as the car almost went into the ditch.

Karen Sue Hankey, who made haste to inform me that I could give up all hope of hanging onto third chair this year, as she had been practicing for four hours a day and taking private lessons from a music professor at a nearby college.

I was not going to ruin this excellent record by letting Karen Sue Hankey get under my skin.

He walked furiously up past the crowded Tavern to where the beach came in almost to the street to form the little triangle of sand they labelled Kuhio Park where the green benches sat amongst the palm trees in the sand, and where he was meeting Karen Holmes.

The message had been recorded as they had been walking down the hall from the JAG front office, which meant Mccarty had not wanted to say that in front of Karen.

Mac Beckett, Jo Bourne, Rob Carr, Leigh Cooper, Lisa Dillon, Walter Hawn, Nurmi Husa, Susan Leigh, Rosina Lippi, Susan Martin, Sandra Parshall, Susan Lynn Peterson, Stephen Ratterman, Beth Shope, Elise Skidmore, Jack Turley, Arnold Wagner, Karen Watson, and Michael Lee West.